About CNI

Communications networks are vital for social organisation. Not only as a tool, but also as part of liberatory technology. The way they are designed, developed, deployed and maintained shapes the way they are used and the way community grows around them. As a feedback, it also shapes the tech community, people who cultivate technology for betterment of social life.

The CNI Data metaproject is focused on this intersection. We try to compile, test and deploy standarized network solutions for independent communities. Currently we are working on our initial “showcase” implementation. At the same time, we are creating a new entity. We are trying to create a new standard for technology teams, going beyond the charity/volunteering/non-profit model. The goal is to create a sustainable long-term work-frame, letting tech people move permanently into the solidarity economy.

In broader context, the CNI project is a part of the “Walkaway Economy”, inspired by Cory Doctorow’s book “Walkaway”. On a practical level, it will be connected with the FairCoop system of cooperatives, using FairCoin cryptocurrency, designed specifically for this kind of post-capitalist ventures.

Using the bottom-up approach, we will start from specific projects (see Projects section) to let the team naturally grow and mature. Once it is achieved we will proceed to create our own formal entity. Currently the team is being gathered for first showcase project, with three more in the pipeline. We are now in search for seed money, direct project funding and other support.