Our line of work

CNI Coop is a technical collective in the making, based on affinity and sympathy. We are focused on providing sustainable life-supporting products in context of climate change effects in Europe1. Our goal is to develop a system of Community Supported Manufacturing2 to provide small communities in Europe with products, supporting sustainable life in context of climate change and its consequences3.

In this website we give some examples of products that can create better life conditions for the most vulnerable communities, in the environment growing more hostile every year. Our frame of reference is OSAT – Open Source Appropriate Technology4 in solidarity economy environment.

As we are located in Greece (island of Samos), we focus on changes that are most visible here and in the Mediterranean in general.

Manufacturing capacity development

In our new facility on Samos island (location to be defined by September) we will be keen and able to start manufacturing some of the products mentioned above, based on funding and other support through community supported manufacturing agreement and within the guidelines of Open Source Hardware design and manufacturing.

Research & Development

Most of the products listed here are known and there are various designs of them available. The R&D work to be done is to adapt them to materials and equipment available and to the standardized manufacturing process. The latter makes a big difference, compared to one-off making and proof-of-concept, which is very often the case.


Production process has goals reaching beyond simple delivery of goods. We will develop standard manufacturing procedures and equipment, keeping the complication as low as possible. During production time, we will be earning and improving them (and the product) in many respects. Production is an ongoing learning process and we will use it.


Our model of operation is based upon open source hardware approach. We not only deliver products, but also provide documentation that is needed to replicate both the product and the production facility.

In context of this document it means that – once we have the production established – we will be able to train interested persons both in DIY making of the products and in replicating our production setup someplace else.

1 For the purpose of this document we consider Europe as European Union and associated countries.

2 CSM: Community Supported Manufacturing. See here for more details.

3 More context and reasoning why we focus on small communities you will find here: https://kanenasblog.wordpress.com/humanitys-last-stand/


Our work is guided by several commitments. You can read about them here.

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