Our commitments

    1. To live in and co-create solidarity economy, as defined in https://pip.cni-coop.net/Glossary/Solidarity_Economy.html, elaborated in https://kanenasblog.wordpress.com/longer-tables/
    2. To co-create and develop Community Supported Manufacturing (as described here)
    3. To stimulate and support community-driven efforts to adapt to and survive the effects of climate change.
    4. To develop and implement self-organised integral cooperative (see https://pip.cni-coop.net/Glossary/Integral_Cooperative.html) as economic framework for a community in hybrid environment (containing both capitalist and capitalism-free institutions).
    5. To sell our work and products within equitable and inclusive freemium open source economic model (as described here)
    6. To follow guidelines of the Open Source Appropriate Technology (OSAT) as described here.

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