Freemium Open Source Economic Model

CNI is an entity of solidarity economy. As such, we are supposed to produce value and sell it, to cover our costs and generate surplus (then to be re-distributed, according to our principles).

On the other hand, according to these very principles, we do not exclude people and we share freely as much as we can — especially knowledge.

For people who need legal base to use outcomes of our work, we licence it all as CC-BY-SA (Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International).

Also in line with our principles, we will not be enforcing “intellectual property” rights, unless we decide someone uses our works in blatant conflict with our principles (like: creating monopoly, supporting oppressive social practices, developing technologies harmful for inhabitants of our planet, etc.).

So, as a standard, we will provide every of our solutions in several forms:

  1. [Free] Every solution will be documented in open form, describing the newest stable version as close to a layperson terms as possible, in a way so a reader can build their own copy (assuming enough general knowledge about the topic).
  2. [Low cost] If a solution includes material components, we will make kits available, so people may buy good quality components and just assemble them, based on the documentation (see #1)
  3. [Moderate cost] We will be running workshops, where people will learn in practice, under our team guidance, how to assemble kits into ready product.
  4. [High cost] For people who require turnkey solutions and do not wish to spend time working on them, we will provide ready-made devices, along with installation and user trainig services, wherever appropriate.