Solidarity Economy

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On microeconomic level (inside community) solidarity economy assumes the
goal to fulfill people’s needs in the most equal way possible, within available resources.

Availability of resources is limited by their sustainability and the level of outcome is
limited by the needs of resilience (maintenance and strategic reserves).

On the macro level (among communities) at least part of economic surplus should be
allocated according to solidarity criteria, thus improving equity and the spirit of mutual
aid between communities.

In contrast with capitalist economy, solidarity economy will follow quite different goals:

  1. Keep common resources sustainable and resilient, as part of stewardship mission.
  2. Use the stream of benefits (coming from the commons) to fulfill direct needs of stewarding community.
  3. Communally manage the infrastructure, supporting life of community.
  4. Protect personal property, to the extent agreed by the community, not allowing wealth and power concentrate on any level.

In popular knowledge, new social organization often is connected with the idea of
detaching oneself from the system, living “off-grid”. We believe that the crucial is to
learn how live “off-greed”.

“We’re not making a world without greed, Jacob. We’re making a world
where greed is a perversion. Where grabbing everything for yourself
instead of sharing is like smearing yourself with shit: gross. Wrong.
Our winning doesn’t mean you don’t get to be greedy. It means people
will be ashamed for you, will pity you and want to distance themselves
from you. You can be as greedy as you want, but no one will admire you
for it.” (Cory Doctorow, “Walkaway“)

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